Wasted internet

The internet is a tool we’ve mostly wasted… It’s creator (Tim Berners-Lee) once made the choice to release his creation to theld for $0 profit under the belief that keeping it privatized would be a missed opportunity. (and yikes) What was once created to provide unlimited information and connection throughout the scientific community; reduced to another commercial commodity we use mainly to waste our time and trick ourselves into thinking anyone out there might actually give a shit about what we post. Social medias suck for society they only act as a tool to further divide ourselves from each other based on the pointless BS we fail to make matter. Who might say these social sites make us more social, and how? Who would say social media is beneficial for equality in terms of today’s rapidly growing inequality issues? All this system does is give false validation to the exhausted majority of the population who can barely handle their average day without completely forgetting the bigger picture we’re creating; while funneling more validation and power towards usually those who arguably don’t deserve the overwhelming amount of privileged they experience on a daily anyways… (We’re talking most entertainment celebs.)

Random end part:The worse part is the days of free unlimited access to academic journals from generations is gone. (due to the JSTOR, you must now pay to access ‘their’ (the government’s) archive of information gathered by 1000’s of past scientists work.) Aaron Swartz died fighting for that information. With the belief that the knowledge and information was a general right for humanity.

p.s. I do kinda enjoy the fact that the internet as a whole has started socially shunning people and companies who fuck up… I just wish our reasoning and line-drawing was better…