Things defined

This is an old document I started making forever ago. I’m leaving it here for me to get annoyed with and maybe pick it up later lol. (bug me if you’d want more) 

This is entertainment

I had a talk today with someone who relates with me on a good “calling of life” basis… We talked about all the nasty secrets companies don’t want consumers knowing or thinking. We talked about the silly things we believe in and follow, even though they’re likely pointless schemes from the opposition- of our own opposition… We talked about wanting …

Emo and crazy (for the kiddos)

(Certain) People hint towards being pychso/crazy as if it’s a weird quirky compliment. As someone who grew up in the rawr-emo phase I totally understand what those people are doing… You’re different right? less them, just you… Well you’re likely in a school of sorts (or maybe you’re just really dragging it out to your 40’s) but more likely than …

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Short poem

Stick it to me, love. As if those things you say are true. for If I took those words to heart, I’d likely see more black than blue.

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The Gloom

Don’t drink things with weird names, from weird people. (This song would probably make a lot more sense with a music video lol. Maybe one day.)

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Some music? (Gloom-Dale)

I made my first track today. (Gloom-Dale above) Buy & Download HERE Bipolar.MP3 (The actual whole track I spent today fiddling with. The track made an emotional 180)