Just a reminder

Just a reminder,
Some people can’t walk,
Others missing limbs,
Some people can’t talk…
There’s people living our nightmare in a ‘vegetative state,’
That’s one of my biggest fears,
i’m sure some can relate…

I gotta admit.
I feel like an asshole,
Cause i’m troubled with depression,
But then I walk into a place.
See a wheelchair, a lesson.
My beautiful girlfriend holding my arm,
As I speak to a one-armed vet with some charm.

I pay, we leave,
Hop in a car,
Relativity is great,
It stretches pretty far…

Some places have slaves,
Some just “forced labour,”
Some people are starving,
But do me a favor?
“Throw away this food, cause I think that it’s gone bad.”
Society ungrateful,
and it’s getting really bad.