My Prayers

For those who’ve followed my work for a while now- you’d know I’ve never been a godly man in the traditional sense. (aside from my days of youth- in a private christian school where church was a required part of our weekly routine.) Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time re-pondering closed chapters of my mind- although I don’t relate my beliefs to any sort of religion officially existing at the moment… I know there are others who feel this existence is questionable and forever surreal on a level that is comforting.

“Nick where are you going with this?”
Well, I feel this reality may not be true… If our civilization created the first multi-ton computer within the last 100 years for basic computations, and taking into account the insanely rapid advances we’ve had in technology since then. (like our phones, self driving cars, self landing rockets, and near reality games) Any civilization who has survived a few millenniums would easily hold power equivalent to what we’d consider gods…

That thought alone raises numerous questions I wish I could ponder for hours. (but I can’t)
If we (mankind) were to not blow ourselves up for such an astonishing degree of time – and we’d have also still not found evidence of life beyond our system/galaxy… Would we use our then god-like tech to simulate another assumingly more hopeful existence? Maybe we’d do it to figure out why we’re alone or simulate a more chaotic and politically unruly world to see if others had simply blown themselves up. Maybe our creators had reached the end of their universes true time, when all suns and planets have vanished and nothing except massive black holes are left to harness energy from. (A true nightmare) Making the choice to upload consciousness into a simulation still with potential.

What i’m getting at here is that I question this reality. With the likeliness of this being a simulation (which you can learn more about from Elon Musk) and the likeliness of alternate dimensions. I feel that whatever creator all religions reference on a more primitive level might just be an entity beyond our comprehension. I feel that religions both currently and past have been reaching beyond their knowledge for answers to ultimately troubling thoughts. We (mankind) are on the verge of potentially understanding reality to a finally fundamental level. Universes and realities could be sitting next to each other like bubbles in an all-mighty infinite cosmic soup. I feel that if there is a creator- it or they are beyond anything we could being to imagine or dream of.

It’s this thought process that has lead me back to prayer. Not that I believe on any level that such an entity(s) would be bothered to hear a word. But I find the act cathartic by releasing my frustration and curiosity of unanswerable questions all while accidentally referencing my young christian past with words like ‘lord, holly, father’ and other christian terminology. I find the process both relaxing and hilarious.