Everyone sees something wrong

I’m trapped, i’m cursed,
I have this need,
To set a course, for a world more freed…
I can’t imagine my life,
Where I don’t stand for change,
But my effect is lacking,
Don’t quite have the range…
Picking up a battle,
Feared to be in the past,
But the memory is fading,
and I’m gonna make it last…

Everyone see’s something wrong,
there’s no way that you don’t,
But ask someone to join the cause,
I betcha that they won’t…

Not ’cause they don’t want to,
But ’cause they haven’t got the time,
Not picking up the message,
Not reading all the rhyme…

Not picking up the cause,
When it comes to your front door.
Not sure exactly what,
You might be waiting for?

“What the point of talking,
If it’ll never make a change?”
But if we don’t make any noise,
How do we grow the range?”