“And have a beautiful day”

So I’ve been working at a call center for almost a month now, and there’s surprisingly a lot of self reflection you can do here. (yes, i’m writing this between calls) Last Friday I made 867 calls… Between these calls is a lot of time for thoughts and contemplation about all sorts of things (primarily how I can  get more sales) but one surprising topic that comes up often though is personal morals.

At this job- you can have any voice or personality, they really don’t care as long as you use the same name. There’s both a meaningless or important choice you can make for yourself (depending on the type of person you are) but the choice is simple- who to be.

When I first came here I was convinced on being the best wolf I could, but after dealing with thousands of people the choice had appeared much more clearer than I would’ve ever thought it would. With the hours of being sly and misdirecting there starts to be a toll on yourself when you learn the full process beyond your station. (however others don’t seem to feel it- or are simply unaware of what happens beyond our end)

It’s due to this toll that the choice was made for me to always be as kind and empathetic to the best of my abilities. Not only does this help with sales, but it helps in the context of tainting my “soul” or conscious… Whats the job really like? (without giving away info that is troubling) Plenty of people will hang up on you, most of the calls will be voicemails. On the most rare occasions you get a sale- or run into some poor soul who is distressed enough from harassment to be furious. (which opens doors for trashy insults and communication) Regardless- the choice for myself to end every call in “I hope you have a beautiful day regardless, thank you for your time.” has been forced from the deepest part of my psyche.

Just recently I had someone speak to me in a way I’d speak to no one.  After chuckling through insults and informing them I’d put them on the do not call list (while still being insulted) I said “thank you for your time sir, I hope you have a beautiful day regardless. Bye now” I hung up as I heard them ramping up again. The point is- I’ve really come to hope these people truly have beautiful days… Although I don’t understand the anger- I understand that i’m the bad guy. The whole process is greasy at best, and those who give me sales (and help my pay) are often the nicest souls. I feel a need to wish them a beautiful day- out of fear that I’ve ruined their day or have at the very least added to the accumulative harassment i’m aware they’ll be getting until they learn the magic words to actually make it stop. (The do not call list) There are often times where people are kindly and patiently telling me no the entire call- on those calls my heart feels tainted. I wish because of their kindness and honest disinterest that I could make it all stop for them. But they’re not mine to save. I simply have a job- and I need it. But regardless- everything inside me is screaming “DO NOT CALL LIST” I wish I could. Sometimes people hint to their frustrations while being kind- sometimes they actually hint close enough for me to meet them half way and free them. But it’s not as often as I’d wish- and there’s really no changing it. The only time i’m allowed to save someone- is when it’s a child we’ve been harassing…

I work at a call center. This is it.